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Value Added Strategy

Our strategy is to invest in companies across multiple sectors and regions, using our management and strategic expertise, existing global network, long standing partnerships and relationships with Fortune 500 companies.

Direct Funds

Belleville IP Holdings SAS  by Belleville Investment Partners Ltd.,

is 100% owned by the Rajan Kapoor & his partner Michael Dehner and with a direct source of funds. This independence from any large financial institutions enables us to evaluate, structure and manage investments carefully, quickly and confidentially.

Strategic Support

Our objective is to add value through capital and expertise. We build excellent working relationships with management teams and invest in growth and people.

Global Presence

Belleville Investment Partners Ltd sseeks to utilize the AV Asset Group’s global presence and extensive relationships to maximize growth from its portfolio investments.


We are able to make investment decisions quickly and have the ability to be dynamic and opportunistic with regards to investment size, type, time-horizon and sector.

Time Horizon

Unlike other Private Equity firms, Belleville Manufacturing & Finishing Company, INC. (USA) is not inhibited by fund time constraints. We have the ability to make longer term investments, allowing us the time to make meaningful structure changes to promote and cultivate growth.

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